Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick

I recently purchased a new lipstick after I decided I didn't need any more for a while, naughty! But I have to admit I am extremely happy with my purchase. 

I have been looking for a bright pink lipstick which is a more darker shade of pink than I would normally go for and believe me this has been difficult for me to find one I liked. I popped into my local Superdrug and I was just browsing the isles not looking for anything in particular when I came across the new Rimmel Kate Moss collection. As soon and my eyes met this shade I knew I just had to have it! I got it in shade 20 which is a perfect shade which I have been looking for! WOW! 

I am really pleased with the staying power of these lipsticks it lasts nearly all day without any touch ups. Amazing! I will pop in a little picture of what it looks like on, I will now recommend Rimmel lipsticks to everyone as this is the first one I have tried and I am very impressed with the colour and quality and also it is not drying to my lips which is a big advantage. I am looking forward to maybe making some more naughty purchases from this line ;)


  1. What a gorgeous colour! It looks great on you.

  2. I nominated you for some awards on my page!
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  3. This lipstick is amazing! And it looks really good on your face..!

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  4. Thanks, like the color. Have a nice weekend.

  5. It deff is a beautiful shade:)

  6. I absolutely adore that color! And you are simply adorable! Found you from blog-train and I'm a new follower! Super cute blog!!:) xo

  7. Thank you for the lovely comments I really appreciate it :) more posts planned to come soon so keep a look out :D